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David Attenborough’s ‘A Perfect Planet’

I don’t know how the BBC and David Attenborough can be pushing out so many documentaries so often, but they’ve done it again, and there’s now a incredible new trailer for the upcoming series, A Perfect Planet.

This time the focus will be on how natural forces affect and enable life on our planet.

There are five episodes planned, with the first one looking at how without volcanoes, there wouldn’t be any life on our planet. And the second switching focus to The Sun, and how animals have come up with strategies on how to survive. The first episode will air at 8pm in the UK on Sunday, 3rd January, 2021.

There are another two previous trailers available for The Perfect Planet, a prequel, and also an extended trailer:

You can find out more about A Perfect Planet on its BBC page, where you can find a few more clips from the first episode. Although I’ll personally be waiting for the first episode to air, and avoiding these clips.

(Photo credit: Huw Cordey/Silverback Films via BBC)

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