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Castro 2

It has just been announced that Castro, a podcast app for iOS will receive a very hefty overhaul in the form of Castro 2.

With the official launch being on the 15th August (my birthday), they have released a trailer video which shows how Castro 2 will work.

When I first heard about another podcast app coming, I was initially hesitant to even check it out, because how good Overcast has been to me.

But after watching the video myself, and also checking out the more in-depth article they have on their blog “Castro 2.0: The Servers”, I’m really impressed with the work that has gone into Castro. It also doesn’t just copy the standard conventions of listening to podcasts, especially with the idea of having a general inbox for new episodes, and then a queue for ones you want to listen to.

Even Marco Arment, the creator of Overcast praised Castro:

Competition is matching a feature checklist. Innovation is defining the roadmap. @supertopsquid, true innovators: – @marcoarment

If it was just another podcast app, I probably wouldn’t care too much about it, but I’m definitely looking forward to playing with Castro.

It could well become my next favourite podcast app.

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