Chris Hannah

Being Late on the Internet

The internet can sometimes seem everlasting. Until it's not. And you notice that more when you're late to something.

That happens to me quite a lot.

This time, I've noticed a story involving GameStop, Reddit, and hedge funds. Apparently the Redditors did something together, which made rich people lose money. Or something.

Either way, I was late to the party.

I seemed to find the conversation after everything had happened, it had been picked up in the press, and everyone was offering their hot takes on it.

Maybe it's my personality, but when something gets to that stage, I just ignore it. Sure, I'll most likely see things mentioned on Twitter, so I'll possibly grasp a basic understanding. But I tend to just actively ignore things that I've missed out on, especially when it feels like a lot of effort to go back and understand a situation, that I just don't think will provide me any benefit.

What I need is for someone to say something like "Something interesting happened, X did Y, to do Z, but then A, did B, because of C". Then I'd say "Oh! That's interesting.", and move on with my life.

That might sound a tad drastic. But it's honestly how I treat news and events nowadays.

A while ago, I would treat every event and piece of knowledge as something I needed to understand. But recently I've realised that sometimes I'm just not that interested.