Chris Hannah

AppleEvents for Mac

    <div class="kg-card-markdown"><p><a href="">Guilherme Rambo</a> has done it again with yet another great Mac app, this time it's <a href="">AppleEvents</a> and as you may of guessed, it lets you watch all of the past events, and also stream live events.</p>

He previously developed apps such as PodcastMenu, putting Overcast in your menu Bar, or even the unofficial WWDC app for Mac, which let’s you watch, download, favourite, any of the WWDC talks!

Anyway, AppleEvents is the newest addition, and it’s such a simple app but it fits it’s purpose superbly. You can catch up with the old events, but my favourite part of it is that you can stream live events. Such as the announcement tomorrow!

If you’ve got to do some work at the same time, or maybe you like to have Twitter and the live stream open, then luckily for you it has Picture-in-Picture! Which even works on El Capitan. Just press the green icon in the top-left corner (usually the fullscreen button).

I’ll definitely be using this, and for the foreseeable future as well!

Seeing as Guilherme is constantly releasing these open-source and free Mac apps for everyone, it’s only fair that he get’s compensated in some way!

So why don’t you check out his apps on the Mac App Store?