Chris Hannah

Another God Damned iPad Post #

Matt Birchler, writing about how how he splits his tasks between a Mac and an iPad:

I don’t enjoy using a Mac nearly as much as my iPad. Literally everything else I do, which admittedly is less intense “work”, happens on my iPad. Writing this post, reading the news, doing my email, doing freelance writing work, editing my photos in Lightroom, recording and editing audio, creating my newsletter, managing the tasks for my YouTube projects, watching YouTube videos, talking with friends, task management, and even coding changes to this very website all happen on the iPad.

— Matt Birchler, Another God Damned iPad Post

He seems to have a very similar usage to myself, in that I use a Mac for my day job (which for me is programming), app development, and playing a few games. But everything else is on the iPad.

Mike Rockwell has similar feelings:

I’m pretty much in the same boat. I primarily use macOS for my work at Automattic and have a few personal applications/tasks that I use my Mac Mini server for — Plex, Channels DVR, and long-term local photo backups, to name a few. But the vast majority of my computing takes place on iPad or iPhone.

— Mike Rockwell, Another iPad Post ➝

It seems to me that these devices have somewhat swapped roles. Whereas before everyone was asking “What can I use an iPad for?”, now it’s more “What do I need to use a Mac for”. I think the iPad has become the default device, and the Mac more of a specialised tool.