Chris Hannah

About #

šŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Chris Hannah.

šŸ’» I spend a lot of my time building software. Whether that's at my day job as an Enterprise Solutions Engineer (Software Engineer), working on my personal projects such as the open-source stuff on GitHub, my iOS/macOS text transformation app, Text Case, or any other small bits of code I write.

šŸ“š I'm not in a position where I currently have a go-to programming language or toolset for programming. I've used Swift a lot for apps, I use Java a lot at my day job, and I'm always tinkering with web technology.

šŸŒ± One thing I'm thinking about learning is Rust. Although I'm not sure if I'll ever have a suitable use case for it.

šŸ“ When I'm not writing code, I'm usually writing here on my blog. It tends to be focussed on technology, but is now becoming more personal.

šŸ“« If you want to reach me, I'd suggest Mastodon, Ā Twitter, or Email.

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