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A Relic of My Musical Past 🎮🎼

I was playing around with my latest mini-project, an iMac G3 that I’m trying to get working, and I discovered an old relic. I was trying out various old hard drives of mine, to see which ones I could then use to install System 9.

What surprised me, was a single file in the root of the hard drive, named "blissful glitches.wav". Oh, and it was created on 1st September 2011.

I was pretty sure when I saw it what it most likely was. Because a very old hobby of mine was making and listening to Chiptune1. So I assumed this was maybe a test recording I made. I personally used to use a program called LSDJ on a GameBoy to record my music, but I hardly ever actually finished something. But it turns out this one actually sounds finished.

After I listened to it, I could definitely remember the actual song, but I can’t remember anything about the creation, or when it actually happened. The date on the file is one thing, but it may not be the time I even recorded it from the GameBoy or even the time I started making it.

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase.

Listen to

Maybe this is where you ask for feedback, or “constructive criticism”. But I made this 7 years ago, and even back then, I always created for myself first.

  1. Music created using old sound chips from vintage computers, and game consoles, or emulated versions. 

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