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2023 App Defaults

As many others (over 100 as I write this) have done, it's now my turn to jump on this latest trend of sharing my default apps.

You'll see that my current default apps, I'm in a bit of a weird state in regard to the software I use. Or maybe it won't seem like that, maybe it just looks like I don't have very a interesting taste. However, I do want to refine the software I use on my phone, and probably also work on a better Home Screen that can better server my day to day needs.

Hopefully reading other peoples lists will give me a bit of inspiration on how other people use their phones, and inspiure me to try other apps or solutions.

Nevertheless, here's my list of default apps. (Using Robb Knight's list, and also a few extra from myself).

  • Mail Client: Apple Mail (all platforms).
  • Mail Server: Google Workspace/Gmail.
  • Notes: Sometimes Apple notes other times Neovim.
  • To-Do: Things 3.
  • iPhone Photo Shooting: Native Camera app mostly, but Halide for serious photos.
  • Photo Editing: Capture One.
  • Photo Management: Apple Photos app.
  • Calendar: Apple Calendar app.
  • Weather: Apple Weather app.
  • Cloud File Storage: iCloud Drive.
  • RSS: NetNewsWire via Feedbin.
  • Browser: Safari mostly, but Chrome at work.
  • Chat: iMessage and WhatsApp. (Groups mainly in WhatsApp)
  • Bookmarks: I tend to forget to use bookmarks properly, and just leave browser tabs open.
  • Read It Later: Usually open browser tabs as above, but occasionally Matter.
  • Shopping Lists: Apple Reminders.
  • News: I guess X is the general way, or BBC News.
  • Music: Apple Music.
  • Podcasts: I don't listen to many at the moment, but I switch between Apple Podcasts and Overcast.
  • Password Management: A mix of iCloud and 1Password. But I'm moving away from 1Password as the Safari extension annoys me.
  • Social Networks: Mastodon (Fosstodon) via Ivory, X, Instagram, Glass,
  • Sports Scores: OneFootball.
  • Code Editor: Visual Studio Code for quick edits, Neovim to feel clever, and Textastic on iOS.
  • Terminal: iTerm 2 with ZSH and Oh My ZSH.
  • Writing: 1Writer sometimes on iOS, othertimes Obsidian or Visual Studio Code.
  • Text Transformations: Text Case.
  • Package Manager: Homebrew.