Christopher Hannah


I am an enthusiastic, ambitious and hard-working individual with excellent problem-solving skills. I pride myself on my speed of adapting to new technologies and learning new skills. Furthermore, I have a passion for technology which fuels my aspiration to keep learning and always take on new things as I like a challenge.

I have been developing software for most of my life, including websites, mobile and desktop applications, REST APIs, and various others. However, my focus over the past 7 years has been predominantly application develop for Apple platforms. Although professionally, I have also been spending some more time with Java over the last few years for server-side projects, among other things.

I’m very much a product-minded developer, so I pay attention to the design and usability to the features that I’m implementing. I try to work as closely to Product and Design as possible.

Work Experience

WorldFirst UK (Ant Group)

Senior Software Engineer / Enterprise Solutions Architect
August 2022 – Present

My role has two parts. Firstly, as a Solutions Architect for our Enterprise API product. Which involves understanding the specific requirements, designing the solution using our existing API, and then leading the integration and testing phases through various environments.

Secondly, I work on various core components of the WorldFirst ecosystem, which are mainly Java applications that communicate via RPC interfaces. These applications are predominantly multi-tenant, at a very large scale, and also involving critical tasks such as moving mass numbers of funds, or synchronising big amounts of data between platforms.

I was part of a small team that undertook a project to architect and develop a solution to migrate our business data to Salesforce. This was built to synchronise tens of millions of data points a day without requiring to expand our current infrastructure. This was in part to replace an existing solution that I maintain and improve, to syncrhonise data using Python scripts with the Apache Airflow system to synchronise data between various platforms.

A core part of my work as a software engineer is building core functionality in various Java-based backened services that use a proprietary RPC system to communicate between applications. However, I have also worked a lot on the public-facing REST APIs for various Open Banking related APIs, including Confirmation of Payee, and the general Read/Write APIs.

I have also undertook a few extra projects, such as building a NetSuite integration to help customers view their transaction data inside NetSuite, which was built using JavaScript and NetSuite's SuiteScript framework.

Senior Software Engineer
August 2020 – August 2022

After moving into a senior role, my responsibilities continued to expand. Which meant while I was still spending some time maintaining the iOS apps, my primary focus switched to backend applications.

This initially involved spending my time with many Java projects, where I built REST APIs using Spring Boot and other internal frameworks, and helped build the APIs necessary to comply with the Open Banking/PSD2 regulations. This project also included building an SSO solution using Keycloak, CI/CD pipelines using Bamboo and Jenkins, and public-facing documentation.

Afterwards, I was moved onto more core applications, which were all Java-based, and built using a proprietary framework built on SpringBoot. The projects I was a core part of during this period was a public-facing REST API for our enterprise partners, which offered full payment/fx functionality, a queue-based ledger and funds migration system to migrate to a new payment platform, and also various functions for an internal back office system.

iOS Developer
May 2017 – August 2020

My work in this role was mainly two big projects, to rewrite the two iOS apps, Money Transfer and World Account in the Swift language, while improving the overall code quality and structure. I completed this task on my own, and then continued to maintain and update the app as the sole iOS developer on the team.

During this role, I also set up the initial CI/CD infrastructure for iOS apps, which involved Fastlane scripts to both run the tests and deploy test builds ready for QA engineers.

I also spent some time in the latter stages of this role, working on some backend applications that were built with Java, which provided the functionality for the mobile applications, and also other parts of the platform.

Bizerba UK

Workshop Engineer
November 2011 – August 2014 | February 2015 – December 2016

Preparing, configuring, and repairing retail scale and POS systems. Involving configuring the OS and software, assembling the electronics, and fixing both software and hardware issues.

Dacorum Borough Council

Electoral Reg Support
September 2014 – November 2014

Primarily data entry work, taking care of mail, organising documents, and processing work relating to the electoral register.

Sitel UK

Customer Service Advisor
April 2011 – July 2011

On the help desk for Sony Playstation during a major outage with the network, where I had to understand the possible solutions for each customer, and advise them where necessary.


London Metropolitan University

BSc Computer Science, 2017

FdSc Computing and Business IT, 2015

Zenos Academy

September 2010 - February 20211

CompTIA A+ Technician
Microsoft Technology Associate - Networking Fundamentals
Microsoft Technology Associate - Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Windows 7, Configuration
OCR Level 3 National Certificate in ICT
Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence
Level 3 Diploma for ICT Systems and Principles for IT Professionals
Advanced Apprenticeship for IT & Telecoms Professionals



Swift, Java, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Bash, JSON.


Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Intelli J, Git.


Swift/UIKit iOS apps, Catalyst macOS apps, AppKit macOS apps, SwiftUI, Spring Boot RESTful web services.


macOS, Linux, Windows.

Personal Projects

Text Shot
2023 – Present

Text Shot is a universal (iOS/iPadOS/macOS) application that lets you take text snippets and create beautiful shareable images (text shots).


Text Case
2018 – Present

Text Case is a text transformation utility app for both iOS and macOS, which allows custom transformations to be built, and also provides its functionality to the user in the form of an Action Extension, and many Shortcut actions. Text Case has received positive feedback from publications such as MacStories, 9to5 Mac, the MacLife magazine, and more.


Text Case CLI
2023 – Present

An open source command-line version of my Text Case app.

GitHub Repository


2016 – 2021

Qwiki was a menu bar app for macOS that allowed to quickly search and read articles on Wikipedia.

Pretty Regular Expressions

2017 – 2020

This was an app for both iOS and macOS to help write regular expressions, with a minimal interface, and a live preview.