Text Shot

Text Shot is a universal (iOS/iPadOS/macOS) application that lets you take text snippets and create beautiful shareable images (text shots).

You can add a title, source, author, and the quote, or just a few of them!

From there, you can choose a theme, font, and a size, to customise how each text shot looks.

It also supports styling your text with bold and italics using the Markdown syntax.

Check out Text Shot on the App Store!

Shortcuts Integration

You can also find all of this functionality inside of a "Create Text Shot" action in the Shortcuts app. Which means, you can even build your own automations to make the process of creating and sharing your text shots even easier.

Download the example Shortcut.


Text Shot costs £2.99/$2.99/€2.99, and will come as a universal (iOS/iPadOS/macOS) app.


"Text Shot follows Text Case as an indispensable tool in dealing with text." - iPhoneBlog.de

"The new App Text Shot creates beautifully prepared images from quotes." - W&V

"Text Shot shares selected texts as graphics." - ifun.de






More Information

For information on Text Shot, information on upcoming features, or for a chance to give some feedback, you can find Chris Hannah on Mastodon.