The "Anti-LGBT" Emoji

20th February 2019

tl;dr it’s not a thing

What It Is

Combined Emoji: πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆβƒ 

Modifier: βƒ 

Image Example:

It’s a unicode character (U+20E0 COMBINING ENCLOSING CIRCLE BACKSLASH) that acts as a modifier. Emojipedia included it in a post titled “Fun Emoji Hacks” back in September 2016.

Based on the platform, and font being used, it may appear differently. But the idea is that it appears over the previous emoji.

Here are some examples:

(These may appear differently depending on what you’re viewing this on)

  • πŸ˜€βƒ 
  • πŸ€―βƒ 
  • πŸ’©βƒ 
  • πŸ‘πŸ»βƒ 
  • πŸΈβƒ 
  • πŸŒ•βƒ 
  • πŸ₯©βƒ 
  • πŸˆβƒ 

Does this mean Apple is “anti” poo, frogs, or American football? No.

What People Have Been Reporting

They’ve basically followed the rhetoric that it’s a problem. Some report it as a glitch, others a separate emoji, and it seems they’re trying to create a problem out of nothing.


A new emoji with a clear anti-LGBT message has sparked outrage on social media.

Pink News – “People are mad at Apple about this new anti-LGBT emoji”:

…the arresting image seems to be a glitch in the software.

Out – “There’s a New Anti-LGBTQ+ Emoji and We Have Questions”:

Several people took to Twitter to question the emoji’s origin, since it is not an official emoji, but rather seems to be an aberration or glitch.

Instinct Magazine – “A New Anti-LGBTQ Emoji Has Taken Social Media By Storm”:

A new anti-LGBTQ emoji is popping up on social media.

Heavy – “Pride Flag Emoji Appears to Be Homophobic”:

An LGBTQ pride flag with a strikethrough symbol layered across it has appeared on Twitter.

Paper Magazine – “WTF Is This ‘No Homo’ Emoji?”:

Late last night, the “no homo” emoji β€” a struck-through pride flag β€” began popping up around Twitter.

Twitter Moment: @VIKTORIOUS – “Newly Discovered Flaw in Unicode Leads to Homophobic Tweets”:

This flaw was unexpectedly discovered by twitter user @mioog and jokingly posted it.

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