Chris Hannah

Text Shot

Text Shot 1.2 #

Text Shot v1.2 is now available!

With it, comes a new author field, and also a source field. Which means a text shot can contain a title, author, source, and the quote. This hopefully makes Text Shot become more usable when sharing quotes from books, and maybe a few other places that I haven’t thought about.

Alongside the new fields, there’s also a “Copy Alt Text” button. This, of course, generates and copies a description of the text shot, that you can upload alongside the image when you post it to sites like Mastodon.

Here’s an example text shot:

And here is what the alt text would be for it:

A text shot containing the following information:
Title: Text Case CLI via Homebrew
Author: Chris Hannah
Highlight: To use these formats, you can pass in input in three different ways - you can use the --input option to pass a string of text, the --in option to specify a file to use as input, or you can pipe in data from stdin.

There’s also a bunch minor UI changes that no-one will probably notice. 😅

If you haven’t already, you can find Text Shot for iOS and macOS on the App Store.

Text Shot 1.1 #

It hasn’t been long since Text Shot was released, but it’s already time for the first update.

There is now some basic Markdown support for bold and italic text. Which means you can emphasise certain words and phrases.

You can also now choose different fonts for the highlight and the title/URL.

And there’s also a bunch of optimisations that have been made to the text shot generation, so it should be a bit faster, more efficient, and stable.

If you haven’t already, you can find Text Shot for iOS and macOS on the App Store.

Text Shot #

After really an unforgivable amount of time, it’s finally time for my app, Text Shot to be available on the App Store.

It’s a universal application (iOS/iPadOS/macOS) that lets you take snippets of text from anywhere (although it’s designed for web pages), and to generate beautiful shareable images.

Like these:

All of the functionality is also available within the Shortcuts app, which means you can tie it into much more complex automations.

You can read more about Text Shot on the website.


Text Shot is available right now on the App Store as a fixed price (£2.99/$2.99/€2.99), and is one single purchase for all platforms.