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Steve Jobs

Growing Up Jobs #

Lisa Brennan-Jobs (Daughter of Steve Jobs) has released an excerpt on Vanity Fair from her book, Small Fry.

It’s a long read, probably just over 10 minutes, but it’s yet another perspective at Steve’s life that not many would know about.

I can’t quote any single piece from it, I would end up including everything. All I can do is say – make sure you read it in it’s entirety.

Steve Jobs Knew How to Write an Email #

In 2010, Jobs and Apple were preparing to release the iPad. A key feature would be the tablet’s ability to function as an e-reader, similar to Amazon’s Kindle (which had already been out for a few years). Of course, the more publishers willing to contribute books to Apple’s iTunes store, the more appeal the iPad would hold.

Four major publishers had already signed on, but another, HarperCollins, was holding out.

Negotiations eventually centered around a key conversation between Jobs and James Murdoch, an executive at News Corp. (HarperCollins’ parent company). Murdoch wasn’t convinced his company (and its partners) could agree to the terms Apple was offering, especially regarding the “ceding of pricing to Apple.”

Jobs proceeded to write an email to try to convince HC to join.

This is a very intriguing piece, and while I’ve seen some articles before about “the best” ways to write an email, this one email seemed very well formed, in a whole manner of aspects.

The Crazy Ones #

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."