Chris Hannah


Finished Software #

Jose M. Gilgado talking about finished software:

Finished software is software that’s not expected to change, and that’s a feature! You can rely on it to do some real work.

Once you get used to the software, once the software works for you, you don’t need to learn anything new; the interface will exactly be the same, and all your files will stay relevant. No migrations, no new payments, no new changes.

This kind of software can be created intentionally, with a compromise from the creators that they won’t bother you with things you don’t need, and only the absolutely necessary will change, like minor updates to make it compatible with new operating systems.

I like the idea of software being finished. Especially for utility and productivity tools. And even more so for tools that people rely on. For that kind of software, I like it when things work, and stay working.

This is also something I’ve partially thought about my two current apps Text Case and Text Shot. Text Case is obviously a lot older, and has matured through a few big overhauls. But as of now, I’m not looking for any big new feature additions, or any redesigns. I may add more formats into the existing structure, but I think that is it.

As for Text Shot, that app is rather new. And it provides a single function, to transform text quotes into styled images. It has some basic support for colours, fonts, and even allows for Markdown formatting. But the core of the app is finished. And I think I’d like to keep it rather minimal rather than add a bunch of short-lived features.