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Dad Builds Secret Harry Potter Street in Daughter’s Wardrobe #

From BBC News:

The dad spent multiple months putting this together. I can imagine it taking quite a lot of effort, with the planning and construction. And it looks like it’s been done really well, the detail on the shop fronts are really good.

But as impressive as it is, it stil didn’t stop me thinking that the child will probably get bored of it soon, or possibly even outgrow it, seeing as it looks like a tight space.

All I’m saying is, as much as this is a cool idea, I’m not doing it for any future kids I have!

Random #

Okay, so I was bored today, and that led to me building a website. Specifically one that lets you find random images that are hosted on

Background Information

Basically, there’s a screenshot utility called Lightshot, and it has the option to upload your images to the web. is a screenshot utility that allows you to quickly customise screenshots, and upload them to the internet. These images can be found on a website called, and they’re publicly available.

In fact, all you need in order to find an image on is a 6-digit alphanumeric identifier. Which is easily generated.

This afternoon I was playing around with random combinations, trying to find anything amusing. But I’m a lazy person, so I try to make any manual process easier.

My first idea was to somehow built a simple website that could actually find images from, and display them inline. However, due to cross-origin resource sharing, it seemed way to complex for a fun afternoon project. So I settled on simply generating random identifiers, and opening a them in new tabs.

The website is now live, and you can view it at And it comes, as I mention in the footer of the page, “built with minimal style”.

I’m not sure what type of aesthetic this is, but it always reminds me of the purities of the web. I much prefer a website that has well structured HTML, and little to no CSS. I mean, I didn’t even add any styles to links, and it still looks good!

Sometimes I want to just change my blog completely to a static site, with a super basic design. But I’ll leave that to another day.

Can You Guess All 151 Pokémon? #

On little YouTube adventure I had this afternoon, I came across a video of someone trying to guess all of the 151 original Pokémon. To be honest, the idea of watching someone do this themselves sounded absolutely boring. But I wanted to try and do it myself. It’s my favourite generation of Pokémon, so I thought I’d know it quite well, although I haven’t played it in quite some time (Even though I really should get back to playing Pokemon Sword).

Well, after the first twenty minutes, I’d guessed around 100 of them. I thought that was impressive, until it took about ten more minutes to guess the next twenty Pokémon. But by that point my mind went completely blank. So my progress so far is 120 Pokémon in 30 minutes, although I haven’t closed the tab, so I may try and complete it later.

If you want to try it yourself, you can find the quiz on Sporcle, which I think has a really good format for online quizzes. It’s just a single text field where you constantly type guesses, and if you get one correct, the text is cleared, and the relevant field is populated. It’s pretty fun.

While I was on Sporcle, I found a few more quizzes to try. So here they are, along with my score: