Chris Hannah


Hobgoblin Ruby #

Continuing on from the McEwans Levy just over a week ago, I’ve been drinking another ale tonight from a collection I got as a present a while ago.

Tonight I gave the Hobgoblin Ruby a try. It’s advertised as having a sweet caramel and fruity taste, with a mix of chocolate and crystal malts.

Since this is only the second time I’ve tried an ale before, my palate isn’t that good. However, I definitely notice the fruity tones, and in general it tastes a bit rich. I think that could be the chocolatey flavour coming through, but it’s not something I’m a big fan of.

I’d say that if the McLevys was a 7/10, I’d give this a 6/10. I can drink it, and it’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s that god either.

McEwans Levy #

For a birthday present recently, I was given a collection of classic ales. The only problem was, I’ not an ale drinker. I drink lager. And lots of it.

However, I decided with these 6 bottles, that I would give each of them an honest go and see how I liked each of them.

McEwans Levy

So to start off, I went with a bottle of McEwans Levy, which is a Scottish beer. It said it was light in taste, and half of my family is Scottish, so it made the moot sense to me to start with this.

I must admit though, that when I first opened the bottle, it had a really sudden bitterness, which put me off straight away. But I poured it into a glass, and the colour of it didn’t help either. But after I took the first sip, my opinion rapidly changed. It’s certainly got a prominent malt taste, which it turns out I think I like. But it’s certainly a decent beer. I’m not sure I would go out of my way to have one of these, but I’m definitely drinking the whole bottle right now.

I think I’ll class this as a “safe beer”, and give it a 7/10.

Who knows which one I’ll be tasting next.