The Voice at Embankment Tube Station

12th December 2019

John Bull (@garius) posted a great story on Twitter, about one of the announcements at Embankment tube station, and a voice that suddenly went unheard.

When I started to read this story, I was thinking that maybe the archived recording would be found and then a copy sent to Dr McCollum. I never expected the voice to be digitised, restored, and then put back in use.

The fact that it’s only used in the Embankment tube station on the Northern Line makes it even better. It’s amazing that people went the extra mile and put in the work to make it happen.

‘My daring grandfather took a bit of East Berlin for himself’ →

3rd July 2018

Photo (Top): KALIN

One of the most extraordinary stories I’ve ever read. It’s about a man that decided his land wasn’t for taking, how he interacted with the government, and how the community respected him.

Elaine Chong, writing for BBC News:

In 1982, a Turkish immigrant started a garden near the Berlin wall on a patch of East German land. Osman Kalin fiercely defended his small domain from any authorities who tried to take it away. Though he died this year, his family are still looking after the plot and the tree house he built there.

Read the full story.