Spotify aquired Heardle recently, and when I commented on the news, I was relatively positive in that it seemed like a deal that made sense, at least for Spotify.

However, I must say, since the aquisition, the music choices has been terrible. I know there's going to be days when I can't work out the song, but it's just been absolute nonsense. It's certainly made it a lot less fun.

In a recent post, Lee Peterson talked about cutting down on subscriptions, focussing on both Tweetbot and Glass.

I subscribe to both of these, and to be honest, I've jumped in and out of Glass a few times already. I'm not quite sure how much Glass has to me, but at the same time I appreciate the platform itself, so it can always find a way to attract me back.

But as he mentions in his post, Tweetbot hasn't been updated in over 6 months. I just checked my subscriptions, and it appears that mine is a year long subscription that has recently been renewed. So I guess I'll just have to deal with it. But I can imagine, that if you started paying a monthly sub for Tweetbot just 6 months ago, with the concept of this supporting developers to release regular updates, you'd be a bit miffed.

Not long until Apple's september event, where we'll likely see new iPhones,  Watch, and AirPods. I've been pessimistic about Apple recently, but there’s still part of me that's hoping for a surprise, and maybe a bit more than iterative updates to existing products.

@manton I’m pretty sure football should be recognising ⚽️ instead of 🏈.