Bringing Audio to Micro.blog with Wavelength

13th April 2018

Manton Reece on the latest addition to Micro.blog:

We have something really big to announce today. Micro.blog now supports hosting short-form podcasts, also known as microcasts, with a companion iPhone app called Wavelength for recording, editing, and publishing episodes.

What a great idea!

The service is slowly growing in “clients”, with the official apps, Micro.blog, Sunlit, and now Wavelength, supporting three slightly different types of content. The Micro.blog app is it’s purest form, Sunlit is focussed on photo’s, and telling a story, while Wavelength is introducing audio to the mix.

I know I’m building a basic client for Micro.blog, but this may inspire other developers to try out new ideas with Micro.blog.

I’m a big fan of Manton’s Timetable, and the Micro Monday microcast, so it will be very interesting to hear what others come up with. I’m partially interested in making one myself!

Check out Micro.blog, the new Wavelength app, and also have a listen to Timetable, and Micro Monday.

Read the full announcement.