Chris Hannah

Projects #


App Recap

AppRecap Screenshot

This is a website for app reviews, news, and other related content. I focus on everything Apple – iOS, tvOS, and Mac OS X.


WeatherByEmoji Screenshot

A fun little project that displays the weather in Emoji. It was featured on Product Hunt, and although it is no longer live you can still check it out on GitHub.



Serpentine Screenshot

Created for Ludum Dare 34, this was used as more of an excuse to make my first ever snake clone. It’s created in Swift using SpriteKit, and I think it went really well. Considering it didn’t take me long at all to create it!

Kitten Killer

Kitten Killer Screenshot

I made this in Stencyl, and it was quite a random project but it was fun! It’s a simple arcade game where you need to kill as many kittens in 60 seconds as you can. You can say it’s a bit twisted but it was for Ludum Dare and the theme was "You are the Monster", so it fitted it very well.


Biovolve Screenshot

I created this using Stencyl, and the idea behind it was for a neutral character to be able to evolve into different types to overcome obstacles. It’s an idea I really like, and I may take it further in the future.

I’m Where

I'm Where Screenshot

This was my first ever game, I made it using Löve2D and I’m very happy with it. You have to find keys to unlock doors, collect coins, complete puzzles, and there are also some random messages around to find.

Tinius Worldifica

Tinius Worldifica Screenshot

This is similar to I’m Where, but it has a different style and I tried to make the artwork a bit better this time. Again it was created in Löve2D.