Random Prnt.sc

A fun project made by Chris Hannah that finds random images stored on Prnt.sc.

Wait, what?

Lightshot is a screenshot utility that allows you to quickly customise screenshots, and upload them to the internet. These images can be found on a website called Prnt.sc, and they're publically available.

So how can they be found?

Each image on Prnt.sc gets a unique identifier when uploaded, and from what I've seen, the format is a simple 6-digit alphanumerical key. For example, the key ni90qm, brings up an image of a few Pokemon.

Okay, so why?

Well, I had heard about people finding funny images on Prnt.sc, but I'm lazy, and it's a manual process. So I made a tool to do it for me. Although due to cross-origin resource sharing and the fact I didn't want to spend an eternity on a fun project, the random images are opened in new tabs, rather than embedded here directly.

Find Random Images!

Just a warning, if you open too many at once, or in quick succession, then your IP may be blocked from accessing Prnt.sc. Either be smart and only open a few images at once or use TunnelBear. I've found 5 to be a safe number.

Open random screenshot(s).

Had fun?

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