Chris Hannah

Micro Posts #

After some tweaking (which I will go into more technical detail in a later post), I've managed to add support for micro posts here on this blog.

Essentially, they're posts without a title. But they're usually the length of a tweet. So think more of a status update, or a small link, than a blog post.

These will start to appear on the website amongst the normal blog posts. But to keep the feed clean, I've decided to exclude these from the primary RSS feed.

However, I have added two new feed URLs, just in case you want to also add these micro posts to your RSS reader. The full list is now:

To top it off, these micro posts will also syndicate to And thanks to the magic of, they will appear directly on the timeline as if it was written there directly.

Just to be clear, if you're currently subscribed to my RSS feed, you won't start getting my micro posts. But if you do want them, then feel free to choose one of the feeds above. Otherwise, they'll just be hanging out on the website.