Chris Hannah

Journal: 9 Apr 2019 #

I did a few things today.

First off I went to work, I did some work, and then I left work. I’m not doing mobile development at the moment, as our team has been tasked with a temporary project, so I can’t even talk about any cool things like that.

During my break, I managed to change the colour scheme of this blog. It’s not a total redesign, as you can probably tell, but I’ve switched from a white/red colour scheme, to a dark-blue/orange one. I’ve liked this colour pair for a while, and I prefer dark interfaces, so I thought it was a good idea. The idea of a theme toggle existed in my mind for a while, but I don’t want to add any unneeded complexity. I’ll just keep altering the design as my taste changes.

I also made some big progress on Lost, as I’ve now just realised that I’ve finished watching the fifth season. And I’ve actually already completed the first episode of the sixth (the final one).

My podcast listening wasn’t spectacular, but I did finish the latest episode of The Talk Show, and I’ve got a few great ones ready to listen to tomorrow. The Queue mechanism in Castro is really helpful to pick out the episodes I really want to listen to, so I can see me starting to listen to them more regularly again. I also appreciate that you can view your playing history, as I tend to report this in my journal, and my memory isn’t exactly great.