Chris Hannah

Journal: 8 Jan 2019 #

Today started like any other work day, and I didn’t think I’d have anything interesting to write up. But it turned out to be quite productive!

In my lunch break I added HTTPS to my main domain (, simply because I found it so easy to add it to this blog.

I then spent loads of time wondering about my next project, until I posted a single tweet, that seemed to have started a huge chain-reaction inside my head.

Maybe the big project I’m looking for is actually Text Case 2.0. 🤔 – @chrishannah

I then had a burst of ideas about where I could take it. About the overall design of the app, how I structure the formats, and how the efficient the user interaction is. All this while concurrently going over the current code structure in my head.

So when I got home from work I immediately starting working on a fresh project. I’ve so far got the main list of formats rendering, in some kind of logical sections. I can see the direction I want it to head in, and I think it’s represented in this first draft, but obviously the design is super early on.

So take this preview with a big pinch of salt:

Let’s see where I can take this tomorrow!