Chris Hannah

Journal: 8 Apr 2019 #

The first half of my day can be easily described with a quote from Rihanna:

Work, work, work, work, work.

After what I think was a reasonably productive workday, I’ve had an evening to myself to just relax, and watch/listen to things.

Of course, I watched some more Lost. I’m now on the fifth season. It’s pretty much been on most of the night.

I did get some time to listen to some podcasts as well, which is something I haven’t done for a while. It was kickstarted by me finally wanting to checkout Castro, a podcast app for iOS, and their Queue/triage idea helped me to pick out a few episodes that I really wanted to listen to. There was an episode from Under The Radar, where Marco and David talked about the different stages of developing a new app. The start of what looks like to be a great interview series at Frogpants between Scott Johnson and Chris Metzen. I also started listening to the latest episode of the Talk Show, that will take me a bit longer to listen to, as I can’t focus on long episodes that much anymore.

I’m now going to watch yet another episode of Lost, and go to sleep, ready for a near identical day tomorrow!