Chris Hannah

Journal: 7 Jun 2019

It feels a little underwhelming, but after just a two-day work week, it’s the weekend!

I spent today at work doing some tweaks and branding changes to a few of our iOS apps. It wasn’t exactly ideal work, but it’s a lot more interesting than the stuff I’ve been working on recently.

Throughout the day, I consumed a bit more WWDC content, but still nowhere near enough. I swear I’ll be watching sessions for another year. It wasn’t all WWDC videos I was watching though, as I also listened to the Connected and most of the ATP (so far) episodes that were recorded live in San Jose.

It wasn’t all work and consumption though.

Because I also managed to do a bit of development when I got home. Technically it was more just me playing around for about 30 minutes, but I did manage to get Text Case working on the Mac!

Just a warning, it’s by no means perfect. But this is straight out of the box so I wasn’t expecting much. The main issues I see myself are the rounding of cells in settings table views, a few spacing/margin bugs, and for some reason images that don’t conform to their constraints and masks and cover half of the screen. (This is also an issue with the current version of Text Case running on the iOS 13 beta.)

Here are a few screenshots of the very first build of Text Case for Mac:


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