Chris Hannah

Journal: 7 Jan 2019 #

It’s Monday, so I’m back at work! Although I didn’t do anything worthwhile talking about here, as it was mainly admin tasks for our annual performance reviews.

However, I did get round to completing a task that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And that was to create a new guide about connecting an Xcode project to a GitHub repository. The one I wrote nearly a year ago has become rather outdated, as the source control features in Xcode has improved significantly. I’ve made some modifications to the guide before, but it really needed a whole refresh. So I’ve done it, and you can read my “Using GitHub and Xcode Together” guide now!

I also linked to two other posts on my blog today, the first being a review by Michael Rockwell of the MacBook Air, and the second being a very interesting take on why bamboo wood isn’t a bigger industry.

To end the day I caught up on my YouTube subscriptions, nearly everything in my RSS reader, and just a little bit of World of Warcraft. Now I just need to find one more thing to watch before I go to bed, while I still ponder what my next project will be.