Chris Hannah

Journal: 6 Apr 2019 #

Do today has been kind of weird one.

Me and my girlfriend visited someone who may be joining the family soon. So I’ll clear that up in the near future!

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for one of my family parties. Yep have a big family, and we have pretty loud parties! Thai time it was my cousins thirtieth birthday, so that’s as good as a reason as any. Well, I’m still at that party as I’m writing this entry. So far I’ve been drinking (a lot), singing, and dancing.

I forgot to say that it was a karaoke party. So we had a real band, and then random groups of people would sing a song. Unfortunately, me and my brother sung a song with me girlfriend and aunt, but we requested our second a bit too late.

I still think that we were the life of the party. But them videos won’t make it to the internet.