Chris Hannah

Journal: 5 Mar 2019 #

I had a very exciting day at work. As I released an app! Okay, well it was an update. But it was a complete rebuild of a very stable app, and only myself worked on it. So it was a big deal for me at least.

So, because of that, I spent the majority of my day staring at the app analytics, and monitoring how the app was going. It was getting some interaction within the first few hours, and it’s looking positive, but I’m sure I’ll know more after the app is updated on people’s phones.

At home, I also did a tiny bit of development on Text Case. I added a Rot13 format, which is something that was requested a while ago, but I wanted to postpone it as one of the extra features in the 2.0 release.

Regarding Text Case 2.0, here’s basically what’s new/changed:

It still feels a bit bare to me. As it’s a 2.0, I want it to actually feel like it. I haven’t got many other things on my mind at the moment, but I do know that I want to add custom app icons. That’s something I think people will enjoy. I’ve had the idea of a “text to emoji” format in my task manager for a while, that I may add as well, but I’m not 100% sure yet.