Chris Hannah

Journal: 30th Jun 2019

Today was a big day! We finally let the cat out of the house.

He’s been housebound for quite some time. For multiple reasons, including the few holidays we’ve been on recently, and the lack of time where myself and my girlfriend are both in the house together.

But, today we were finally both in, it was a sunny day, and in the afternoon we were having a cat flap fitted. He absolutely loved it, and it didn’t take him long to be out circling the block. Luckily he came back though.

So in the afternoon we had my girlfriends family round. Her dad fitted the cat flap, and everyone was doing some kind of work, whether it as housework or gardening.

In the evening we went to my aunts house for a big family party. And that ended up lasting until about 11 pm! So hopefully that won’t affect me tomorrow at work.

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