Chris Hannah

Journal: 30 Apr 2019

Today has been very much just getting back into the swing of things. I had some issues this morning with the trains, so that aspect was back to normal.

At work, our entire team, which was formed recently for a new project, is getting to a point where we have tangible results starting to appear. I personally have been doing a mix of server-side code in Java, some theory/diagrams, various configuration stuff, and a bit of web development. I’m by no means a web developer, but I have enough skills for an MVP that we’re working on, and it’s really fun. Although, Swift development will always be my primary focus.

After work, I had dinner which was cooked by my girlfriend. Again, because she was starting a night shift, and would leave before I arrived back home from work.

So because I had a few hours with not much to do, I went out in the evening for a coffee with a friend, and honestly not much else. I listened to some podcasts, and watched a couple of videos on YouTube. But mainly I’ve been doing nothing. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s now 11 pm roughly, which is the time I aim to write this entry everyday. And after it’s published, I’m going to have an early1 night”.

  1. Well, early for me. My base bedtime is 12pm, and it usually ends up being a bit later. ↩︎