Chris Hannah

Journal: 3 Jan 2019 #

This morning started with a quest to find an alternative app for reading my RSS feeds on my Mac, so of course I wrote about it.

I decided to finally investigate making my blog support HTTPS, which in the end took about 5 minutes to complete. I used LetsEncrypt, and their command-line tool automated the whole thing. I honestly thought it was a big job. I also made the choice to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. All it took was one extra 'Y' in the process.

When I got home from work I was greeted by a late birthday present from my girlfriend. A new skateboard! It’s by a local company to me, Lovenskate. It features one of their slogans “Real men skate curbs” but made just a bit funnier.

There were two other things that were accomplished tonight as well. The first being an AirBnB being booked for the trip to Oslo in March, and the second being the Text Case update being approved by Apple. I’m planning on releasing the update tomorrow, and the blog post will be published at the same time.