Chris Hannah

Journal: 28 Apr 2019

Today started with a nice lie-in, followed by a disappointing performance by Arsenal as soon as I woke up. So nothing too great to dwell on.

Over on the blog, I did link to two articles today. The first being Matthew Cassinelli’s Reeder 4 review, and the second being a really interesting video about how someone turned an apartment into an indoor jungle. Well I thought I linked to these articles, but for some reason they apparently didn’t publish earlier. So I’ve literally hit the publish button while writing this.

I cooked another roast dinner, which was slightly better than before. But there are still some improvements to make. Such as broccoli with cheese sauce, and stuffing!

Tonight was spent playing various games. I played a tiny bit of World of Warcraft, Fifa, and No Mans Sky. I attempted to play Call of Duty and Overwatch on my PS4, but they were hidden behind huge hour long downloads. So alas, they will have to wait.

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