Chris Hannah

Journal: 25 May 2019 #

I woke up this morning to an even more ill girlfriend. Which meant we immediately went on a trip to get some flu medicine, and also a fan for the bedroom.

After we were back, I went to a local vegan fair with a friend, where I purchased 4 cupcakes. I haven’t ate them yet, but they do look rather impressive.

After I got back, me and my girlfriend both sat in the living room with various live music videos on the television, while gaming, playing on our phones, etc.

I did also get a new toy to play with today, a Logitech Slim Folio. I’m certainly behind on this one, but I already cant see how I coped without it. It’s far superior to the Smart Keyboard.

On the blog, I linked to an article I read about Hugh Grant’s opinions on the famous dancing scene in Love Actually.

Apart from that, I quickly popped out for a coffee, and we’ve been watching tv and playing with the cat!