Chris Hannah

Journal: 25 Feb 2019

A busy (and hot) day at work today! I’m working on a lot of “utility” stuff in a new app. Things like caching data, saving data to the Keychain, encrypting/decrypting data, and doing this all in TDD. So my testing skills were getting a good workout.

I feel like this shouldn’t be included anymore, as I do it every day, but I watched a few more episodes of Lost again! I’m now halfway through episode 23 in Series 1, so that leaves me with list two and a half episodes left. I forgot how many episodes there were!

That wasn’t everything I did while looking at a screen though, as I got an email from the iTunes Affiliate Program team, about the minimum payment threshold. I shared this on my blog, I now consider the case closed. There’s not much else I can do or find out about this anymore.

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