Chris Hannah

Journal: 24 Mar 2019

So what I thought would be a quiet day in, actually turned into something a bit more active than I expected.

It started well, as I spend a few hours watching Lost, and playing Fifa.

However my mum asked if I could clean out a few of my last things from my old bedroom, as she’s getting some kind of work done (I can’t quite remember exactly). So I popped over, and organised that.

While I was at my parents house, I saw their garden fork and shovel, which made me remember that I needed to do work in my own garden. Needless to say, I borrowed the fork and shovel.

I then spent a while trying to clear my garden. This involved mainly digging up paving slabs, and other bits of random rock.

The previous owner clearly didn’t do any kind of work in the garden. I e have a partial patio that’s been covered in stones, and what seemed to be a small leading into the garden, was actually two paving slabs, on top of a layer of grass, with a hidden concrete layer below it.

We originally suspected a draining issue in the soil due the amount of moss growing in certain areas. But it seems that this issue was caused by hidden slabs under a small layer of soil, and also a huge section of the soil actually being clay.

I have certainly got a job ahead of me. 😬

After my garden activities, I cooked a chicken curry for dinner, and then I’ve been relaxing as much as I can before going back to work tomorrow. Of course I had to clean the dishes, and sort out my bag for work, but at least I got a few more episodes of Lost in.

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