Chris Hannah

Journal: 23 Mar 2019 #

So today was our last day in Oslo, and it was spent mostly travelling back home to London.

As usual, after getting sorted, we went to what became our regular coffee shop, for a morning coffee.

We then hang about there for a bit, before getting the train to the Airport. Once there, we had a bit of lunch, and headed through security. Although we were there for a few hours (we arrived very early), the individual processes in the airport such as customs, passport control, and boarding, were all very quick.

That’s a complete contrast to what we experienced in London Stanstead though, as it seems things were just arbitrarily delayed in every part. For example, for the automated passport control, only 18 out of 30 machines were being used. And there was one person that was attempting to control the flow of people through the machines. Even to the point where a machine freed up, the next person entered, and was rashly told to get out, simply because he had not pointed him to the machine.

After getting home, I’ve just been relaxing after a few days of constant walking. I first made dinner, then I spend a few hours watching endless episodes of Lost, and playing some Fifa.