Chris Hannah

Journal: 23 Jan 2019 #

Today started with a quite varied day at work. I was making use of our “whiteboard” walls, trying to map out some potential new features. I did a small number of bug fixes ready for a release we’re planning soon and also helping to get the testing finished.

I managed to listen to one podcast today. It’s mainly been limited to my commute to and from work, as I’ve been watching Netflix at lunch, and usually, relax after work. This time it was an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage, which is a podcast by comedian Robin Ince, and physicist Brian Cox, and it was about the origin of numbers.

I just saw a new episode of The Talk Show arrive in Overcast, so no doubt I’ll listen to a bit of that tonight. However, they’re always super long, so it will most likely take me until the end of tomorrow to finish it.

As I mentioned on Monday, I’ve been watching the latest series of The Punisher, and as usual getting my way through quite quickly. I’ve since watched another 6 episodes, and I’m actually watching the 11th episode right now as I’m writing this. There’s only two left after this, so my estimate of not lasting more than a week was actually generous.