Chris Hannah

Journal: 20 Jan 2019

Today was a day for a trip to Reading for a party for someone in my girlfriends family. I was reminded how bad I was at bowling, and that I seem to be the only person that has a beer at 12 pm in the afternoon.

It was a bit of a long day, because of the added travelling. But since we’ve been back, I’ve mainly been doing more research into the things we will need when we move our, and also some inspiration for the garden, and my future office.

I’m a big fan of Japanese gardens, but it’s nowhere near the size needed for that, so it’s going to be interesting seeing how I can develop that.

And regarding the office, I’ve got a bunch of ideas on how it could be laid out, and also what types of storage I’ll need. However, I’ve basically come to the realisation that it’s probably best to postpone any purchasing until we actually move in. Because I’ll most likely want to at least paint the walls a darker colour, then I can focus on adding furniture.

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