Chris Hannah

Journal: 2 Jan 2019

It’s the second day of the year, so that means it’s no longer a bank holiday, and it’s back to work!

That doesn’t mean it’s not been an interesting day. As it started with the bad news of my train fares being increased by 3%. However that was countered by the new 26 – 30 Railcard, which is an evolution of the 18 – 25 Railcard that gave young people a third off all rail travel. It’s not an ideal scenario as you still have to pay for the railcard, but it brings the prices down to a more reasonable level.

The other I thing I did was finalise the new update to Text Case. Which adds a new format, format reordering, syncing, and also a keyboard shortcut. I completed my “Prerelease” phase today, which included sending a final build to Apple, composing all the release notes, taking screenshots for all the devices, and then getting a blog post ready for it’s release. It’s now waiting for review before it goes live, but expect a blog post here in the next few days with all the information.

I also managed to fit in the latest episode of Doctor Who, the New Years Day special. It was very good, and I think one of the best with the current doctor.

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