Chris Hannah

Journal: 19 Jun 2019 #

For once, we had an early start this morning. So we put on suncream as soon as we woke, headed for breakfast, and then got walking to Ayia Napa!

This was because we were going on a boat trip! We visited some nearby caves, where my girlfriend was jumping off the boat, and swimming around. The boat also had a lower level, which was full of windows, so you could see the fish swimming around the boat.

My experience of the boat trip honestly could have been better. But that was solely because I had got a tiny bit of suncream in one of my eyes, so it was constantly watering.

Once we were back on land, we walked through a different part of Ayia Napa, and found a Scottish bar that we’d seen advertised everywhere. When we arrived, it was closed, but that’s because we arrived about 5 minutes before it opened. Once the barman arrived, we had a few drinks, and I enjoyed all the decorations. They seemed to have a shirt from every men’s football team in the top 2 Scottish divisions.

After a while we were a bit hungry. But instead of eating at the bar, where I’m not even sure they did much food, We walked back 5 minutes or so to a Flintstones themed restaurant we saw on the way. The only difference it made to my meal, was that my burger bun was pink. It didn’t affect the taste, and was pretty confusing. I wasn’t aware that the Flintstones liked pink burger buns.

On the way back to the room, we kept enquiring at different places about car rentals, and the price of trips to a waterpark. It turns out the car rentals are pretty expensive, with the absolute cheapest car being around €50 a day. We did find online that was €22 per day, but with a €250 deposit. And someone in a local shop warned us that some local companies attract you with a low price, but find some way to keep the deposit. So we still aren’t sure about that.

I probably don’t need to repeat this, but in the evening we did the usual trio of dinner, drinks, and Big Bang Theory.