Chris Hannah

Journal: 16 Jan 2019 #

Back to work as usual today. The design sprint that I was part of didn’t require me at all today, so that meant I could get back to some actual development. I was starting the build the structure for a new project, so that’s pretty interesting.

On my blog today, I linked to a piece from John Voorhees at MacStories, about DuckDuckGo now using Apple Maps for location searches. I also wrote a short opinion on Slack’s new icon. Not a huge essay on Medium, or any other type of insightful take on it. But John Gruber shared a few thoughts, and they seemed to resonate with what I was also thinking, so I thought I’d say a few words as well.

As usual I listened to some more podcasts, and what’s even more typical, I’m ending the day with one in-progress.

Practically no work on Text Case today, except from I finished up the Title Case Style setting. But that took about 15 minutes.