Chris Hannah

Journal: 15 May 2019 #

Work slightly as usual today. I’m still working on the same non-mobile project, so I was doing some web/server development. However, I was tasked with a small mobile task, so that was slightly more fun!

After work, I’ve been mainly watching Game of Thrones. I decided earlier that I would try to catch up with the current episodes, and as I remembered, I last watched the first few episodes of season 7. Turns out, either my memory is bad, or I really underestimated the number of episodes in that season. As I’d watched all but about 15 minutes of the last episode.

That means I’m now on season 8, and about to watch the super long third episode!

It wasn’t all laying in front of an iPad though, I did pop out for a quick coffee as usual.

One last thing. Thanks to Federico Viticci‘s and Ryan Crystoffel’s new podcast, Adapt, I now have the plan for the next update to Text Case! Listen to the first episode if you want a clue.