Chris Hannah

Journal: 13 Apr 2019

It’s been quite a relaxing Saturday.

The first half of the day was just me and the cat, as my girlfriend was sleeping after a night shift. Therefore, I spent that time playing with the cat, watching episodes of Lost, and also playing games. The games were, of course, the only two games I play on a regular basis, FIFA and World of Warcraft.

While cooking dinner, eating it, and a short time after, we watched the first Thor film. I’m trying to watch a good about of the Marvel films before Avengers: Endgame comes out, so I’ll be watching one tomorrow as well probably. I’m not watching all of them though, because there are some that I don’t particularly care about, such as the Hulk one, and the first Captain America.

I’m now relaxed on the sofa, drinking a bottle of Estrella, and catching up on my reading in my RSS reader.

I did say yesterday that I would try to get a few photos of Jay today. I have a couple that I like, but his colouring makes it very hard to get a sharp image.

Anyway, here are the best two from today:

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