Chris Hannah

Journal: 12 May 2019

Just like yesterday, my girlfriend was just finishing a night shift this morning, so I had a morning to myself.

I started by preparing dinner in the slow cooker. It was a chilli con carne, and honestly took about 20 minutes.nits pretty easy.

Then in the morning I played some FIFA again, and also some Factorio, which I’ve been getting into again. While doing that, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge. It was a good film!

Of course, it’s also the last day of the Premier League season. So although I couldn’t watch the Arsenal game (stupid broadcast rules), I listened to the game via the clubs matchday commentary. We won 3-1. It’s not exactly an amazing result though, as our focus is on winning the Europa League final!

After eating my delicious chilli con carne, I spent the evening doing laundry, organising my wardrobe, and playing more Factorio. A pretty good Sunday.

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