Chris Hannah

Journal: 12 Apr 2019 #

Cat day!

I spent the day working from home, just so me and my girlfriend could go and pick up the cat we’re adopting, Jay.

It was expected that he would be very shy, and take a while to explore his new home, and also that he may not eat until he’s comfortable. That was completely the opposite of what happened.

We took him to my home office first, as that was a place he could be without any distractions for a while. But he went straight downstairs, explored the house, and within a few minutes he was on my lap demanding affection.

He’s a very vocal cat, and he very much likes to be stroked. So it’s gone pretty well!

Here’s a photo of him where he his right now, sitting with me on my bed.

I haven’t managed to take a good still photo of him yet, as he’s a black cat (although his browns are coming through quite a lot in that photo), and he’s also pretty much always moving. Hopefully I’ll have one to share tomorrow.