Chris Hannah

Journal: 11 May 2019 #

I’ve had a relatively quiet day today. Mainly because my girlfriend is in between two night shifts, so I was on my own for most of it.

In the morning I pretty much played Fifa, listened to music, and read some blogs.

In the afternoon I visited The Range, which is a homeware/garden store that’s opened in my town recently. I only went to see what their garden selection was like. It was reasonably big, however it’s mainly flowers, vegetables, and just small plants. I’m always on the lookout for bigger plants, and more interesting species that maybe you wouldn’t find at a common garden centre. Still, I picked up three new plants. Two Acers, an ‘Orange Dream’, and an Atropurpureum. And also a small Apple tree. It’s only about a metre at the moment, but it’s already about to flower.

After I got the plants in the garden where I wanted them, I relaxed a bit more, and then cooked dinner. I made a chicken katsu curry. It was from a kit though, so I can’t take the credit for it.

At about 8 pm, I went for a quick coffee with a friend again. And since I’ve been back I’ve just been doing some housework, and watching videos about gardening on YouTube!