Chris Hannah

Journal: 11 Apr 2019

Today started with the same work stuff as yesterday. A bit of web development, mixed with meetings, and a few other things.

I also posted a link post to my blog today, which I haven’t done for a while. This one was to a story about how the UK Home Office leaked personal email addresses of 240 EU citizens, because someone didn’t know the difference between CC and BCC.

After I got home, I finished off dinner, which was for myself, my girlfriend, her sister, and her partner. Luckily I could still watch the Arsenal game in the mean time, and we managed to beat Napoli 2:0!

So right now it’s time to start getting sorted for bed. Then in between working from home tomorrow, we’ll be going to pick up the cat! So if you want to see photos and videos, I’ll be sharing some to my Instagram throughout the day.

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