Chris Hannah

Journal: 10 May 2019

After the work party last night, I decided that I’d work from home today. There was no way I could get up at 6:30 this morning and make my way in. So I got an extra bit of sleep, and somewhat worked as normal (I wasn’t fully recovered yet).

After I was officially finished for the day, I did manage to get in a bit of housework, and I could cook dinner for myself and my girlfriend. We had a curry with all the accompaniments!

In the evening, I popped out for a coffee at the beloved Starbucks.

Now, I’m watching Lucifer season 4. I’ve literally just watched three episodes back to back, and I’m guessing I’ll have to watch another two at least. I was starting to think that I’ll have to head up to bed soon. Then I realised three things, I’m an adult, I own my own house (well, with my girlfriend), and I have no work tomorrow. So I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to do whatever I want!