Chris Hannah

Journal: 10 Mar 2019 #

Today started with a mix of house work, watching television, and just relaxing around the house.

But it was the late afternoon that it got interesting. As it was time for Arsenal vs Manchester United! I had it on my big TV for once, and wow it was a good game. We won 2:0, and it’s a massive result for us. Naturally, that meant nothing could ruin the rest of the day.

When it was finished, I made myself a carbonara for dinner, and then I continued to watch more coverage of the game, and what the pundits thought of everything.

But it wasn’t all relaxing and football, as I got around to checking another thing of the Text Case 2.0 list. Specifically, the ability to set a custom icon! And I didn’t just add a few. In total, there are now 22 different icons to choose from.

I’ve had Lost on in the background while working on the app, and I think I can manage another episode before it’s time to go to bed!